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Family, Friends and clients,
Hope everyone had a great Labor Day Weekend! Rocky Point sure is busy! The weather is warm but with a cold drink and the ocean view… life is really good. Be it past present or future I just want to say thank you for letting me keep you posted on Rocky Point. Our family loves this town and I feel honored to help people enjoy building memories here on this great beach. Take a moment to review our news from what is going on in RP, to great properties for you or maybe some one you know. Or maybe you like the good life like me and enjoy a little inspiration which we have below as well. Just know I / we are here to help! Right people, right reasons at the right time. 
September personal video – click on image!
…. It is a good life with the right people, right reasons at the right time….
38 years enjoying Rocky Point – Family bought here in 1979
10 years living and representing real estate in Rocky Point full time.
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Topics for this month
A. Inspirational for the love of the game, Michael Lorenzen!
B. RE/MAX, our value to you be it buying or selling!
C. Quick links to your favorite areas
D. Great Services in Rocky Point
  • Insurance Portugal
  • El Conchal Sea Food
    E. Mexico Independence day celebration.
    F. MLS Sold Report for Rocky Point Mexico
    G. September Events in RP
    H. For your Arizona Real Estate – contact Grant Mackenzie Jr.
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Michael Lorenzen – 24 years old pitcher for the reds had one of the most emotional nights ever in the MLB just days after losing his biggest fan – his father. Take a moment to enjoy something amazing.

This story was absolutely awesome. I hope you all enjoy this video as much as I did. Be is a sport, a dream, a passion… may those that matter most be proud of us when we do our best. They deserve to smile for without them we would not be who we are.

Click in the image to watch the story!

B. RE/MAX, our value to you be it buying or selling!

I am proud we are a part of RE/MAX I am proud we bought a RE/MAX Franchise over 10 years ago – I will never forget reading above the crowd the story of REMAX while in Iraq prior to joining my family here in Rocky Point. I did not know the story but was excited to be a part of this great company even more so after reading.

All things considered most agents have listings, most have websites, most have MLS, car advertising, billboards……my question is …..why us for you?

We have a passion for this area with over 38 years owning here as a family. That alone is not enough but when supported by 15 years of Rocky Point Real Estate Experience now we have something.

Taking our passion from 38 years building memories, experience and then combine that with a genuine goal of helping clients make good decisions based on what matters most to them… that to me is something special. We may not be for everyone and that is ok. At the same time I don’t know of a company in Rocky Point that can truly say the same.

Some say the value is in the name – I believe it is in the character and competence behind the name. The name alone is not enough….

But what a great company never the less – when docusign ( a mulit million dollar comapny ) says – Trusted by millions and the only real estate company named is RE/MAX – I believe that speaks volumes.

Hope we can put the above to use for you or someone you know. We have come a long way, weathered the storm never leaving even when times got tough – we are here to help!

Right people, right reasons at the right time! Give us a call!

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Bella Sirena – Sonoran Spa – Sonoran Sea – Sonoran Sun – Sonoran Sky

Las Palmas – Las Palomas – Princesa – Las Gaviotas – Pinacate – Esmeralda

Puerta Privada – Encanto Living – Luna Blanca – Costa Diamante

Other Beach Areas

Las Conchas – Playa Encanto – Playa La Jolla – Mirador – Sandy Beach

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Portugal Insurance

One concern I do not have is insurance. We have lived here for over 10 years and as you can imagine we have had a few fender benders. When we needed help the Portugals have been absolutely awesome in supporting us through the process. Sure in life we have things that come up and for some… I wonder who should I call but insurance here I good to go. 

Blvd. Fremont office and Blvd. Benito Juarez office
Telephone: 01-638-383-2390 Telephone: 383- 5900, 383- 5800

C.P. Alejandro Portugal Cruz

Exceptional, prompt and courteous service each and every time. We’ve been clients since 1979 and highly recommend Alejandro Portugal Insurance. Grant & Judy MacKenzie, home owners in RP for 38 years.

Best Sea Food in Town “El Conchal”

If you like Shrimp, seafood – tacos and cold cervesas please for the love of all that is good and pure visit El Conchal. Come by REMAX and the first round of tacos are on us or call for directions. Either way take advantage of the best shrimp and fish tacos in Rocky Point.


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September 16 marks a special day in Mexican history. It was the day in which the war that led to the country’s independence began. It all started when Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla, a priest, uttered what is called the “Grito de Dolores” or “Cry of Dolores,” from the small town of Dolores near Guanajuato. Although there is no scholarly consensus as to what Hidalgo said exactly, the essence of the message was to encourage Mexicans to free themselves, recover the stolen lands by the Spaniards and defend their rights.

This happened in the early morning of September 16, 1810, when Hidalgo ordered the church bells to be rung and gathered his congregation. He addressed the people in front of his church, encouraging them to revolt. The Siege of Guanajuato, the first major engagement of the insurgency, occurred 4 days later. Mexico’s independence would not be effectively declared from Spain in the Declaration of Independence of the Mexican Empire until September 28, 1821, after a decade of war.

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Not sure about you but beyond what is for sale I am always interested… curious to review what has recently been taken advantage of.



Sept 8 Connection Club @4:00 pm – Puesta del Sol Restaurant
Sept 10 Natural History Talk @4:00 pm – CEDO Las Conchas
Sept 13 Tuesday Night Art Flick @8:00 pm – Puerto Viejo Cafe
Sept 15 Connection Club @4:00 pm – Puesta del Sol Restaurant
Sept 17 Natural History Talk @4:00 pm – CEDO Las Conchas
Sept 17 Cheve fest II – Beer Fest II @7:00 pm – Laos Mar event lot 
Sept 20 Natural History Talk @2:00 pm – CEDO Las Conchas
Sept 20 Tuesday Night Art Flick @8:00 pm – Puerto Viejo Cafe
Sept 22 Connection Club @4:00 pm – Puesta del Sol Restaurant
Sept 24 Natural History Talk @4:00 pm – CEDO Las Conchas
Sept 27 Natural History Talk @2:00 pm – CEDO Las Conchas
Sept 25 Tuesday Night Art Flick @8:00 pm – Puerto Viejo Cafe
Sept 29 Connection Club @4:00 pm – Puesta del Sol Restaurant
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H. GRANT MACKENZIE JR. RE/MAX Platinum Living Arizona

For all your Phoenix and Scottsdale Real Estate needs contact someone you can trust. Call Grant MacKenzie Jr. for more information be it buying, selling and or leasing – believe me you are in good hands!
Grant N. MacKenzie
RE/MAX Platinum & RE/MAX Legacy

CLIENT REVIEW – if you or someone you know is interested in buying or selling I have here to help!
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We have been looking to buy a second home in Mexico for over 10 years.  We have traveled all over Mexico and every time we check out the local real estate.  About two years ago Puerto Panasco came into our radar and we were fortunate enough to connect with Branden MacKenzie.  He started emailing us properties and was always there to answer our questions.  We never got the feeling that maybe after two years he thought we were just wasting his time. Oct. 2014 we decided to finally go in person and check out Puerto Penasco and we fell in love.  It was the perfect match of affordability, luxury and potential.  His wife Reyna also helped us with facilitating the closing of our villa at Las Palmas and she was so patient with us.  We had more questions than answers initially.  Buying in Mexico can seem very overwhelming because it is a totally different process than buying real estate in the states.  I own a real estate franchise and probably hold other realtors to a higher standard than most people do and Branden went above and beyond even my expectations.  Reyna was there to answer every question thoroughly with her knowledge and expertise that proved to be invaluable. I would highly recommend both Reyna and Branden to anyone looking to invest in Puerto Penasco real estate. We wanted a second home that would pay for itself, and that is exactly what was delivered for a price that made sense to us.  Now we just literally pinch ourselves every time we walk into our beach front villa.

Thanks MacKenzie Team – You guys Rock!!!

Dawn Heilbrun, Owner

Hope you enjoyed this months newsletter. 

Hope you have a great weekend and thank you again for letting me keep you posted on Rocky Point realestate. I feel fortunate to have this opportunity thanks to my folks who bought here in the late 70s, retired here in 2000 and then started serving clients in Real estate in 2001. It has been a journey this last 10 years. I have met some amazing people, experienced some humbling ups and down, found the love of my life, a son that takes me away daily, get to see my folks every day…… I know life is not all sunshine and rainbows – I get it … but it can be something amazing. Especially here in Rocky Point.
Here’s to respecting our pasts, living right today and paving the way for more sunshine and rainbows ( for the kids of course )!
It is a good life!
Branden MacKenzie, Owner/Partner 
RE/MAX Legacy 
Office U.S. 602-334-4359
US Cell: 602-300-5214
Office MX: 638-383-1425
Mx Cell: 044-638-112-0363
From US: 011-52-1-638-112-0363

 “Every Acomplishment starts with the decision to Try”

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