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Family, friends, and clients!

What a month it has been already! Where does the time go? As we hustle through life lets remember today is really all we have. Not to take that wrong and party all night long but to embrace moments with those that matter most.

By the way, I know an amazing place to do just that – Rocky Point!

Easy to get lost in the moment with the right people and the right place.

Here’s to your good life!!

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Branden MacKenzie 
Sales Associate
RE/MAX Legacy Rocky Point Mexico 
Family Owned and operated!
39 years owning in Rocky Point!
17 years Full-time Rocky Point Realestate Experience!

Office U.S. 602-334-4359  US Cell: 602-300-5214
Office MX: 638-383-1425 Mx Cell: 044-638-112-0363

Oh, by the way, I am never too busy for your referrals!

Topics Of The Month
A. Finding Joy over – I will be happy when….  video! Powerful!!!
B. How to Manage Perfectionism
C. RE/MAX Value for Sellers and Buyers!
D. Quick Links to Your Favorite Areas
E. Amazing Opportunities
F. Best Services In Rocky Point
G. Sold Report
H. Events Of The Month
I. Grant MacKenzie Jr. RE/MAX Fine Properties Arizona

A. Here’s to us all finding joy over – I will be happy when! 

Click on image and or link below. This video has power beyond belief. I have grown up chasing an idea – once I get this or once I accomplish this I will be happy when all along the power was right in front of me. Being present with today! Embracing and enjoying today!

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B.  How to Manage Perfectionism

Perfectionism is one of those sneaky things that can either propel you into serious action or paralyze your ability to accomplish even the most basic tasks.

C.  RE/MAX Value for Sellers and Buyers – The MacKenzie Team

As a family, we chose RE/MAX in 2006 and while many realtors as well as brokerages have come and gone we weathered the storm. Not only that we continued to believe in RE/MAX in good times and bad. While some have chosen an XYZ realty approach we believe in the value of RE/MAX – there is, of course, a cost and we wholeheartedly know you / our service – our reputation is worth that continued investment.

Take a look at these amazing number showing the power of RE/MAX. Be it buying or selling there is a concern, emotion – it is a big deal. Take that reality and now add to the scenario of buying or selling in Mexico.

Of course, we have to back it up and here is our approach –

A bit about us and our value to you!

Our family has been enjoying and owning in Rocky Point for 40 years now. We love the beach and while we understand there is a business side to this we truly enjoy helping people take advantage of “Beach living” the way that our family has, building memories. We also understand there is a time when our families grow up, start their own families and life gets a little busy. Times change and sometimes that means selling …….

Bottom line is we are here to serve you.

We have a great support  team  including  our  full-time assistants.
Rick Yeoman’s that services  our  signage and flyer box refills weekly.
The RE/MAX brand- the most recognized brand in Real Estate and represented in over 100 countries
Our  RE/MAX office strategically located on Fremont Blvd at the entrance to Las Conchas.
We firmly believe  our  clients deserve the best we can offer.

I, of course, would be remiss if I were not to mention my amazing wife Reyna and my mom Judy that is second to none. Reyna and my mom work tirelessly to make sure we are maximizing your money, Reyna assists us in making sure our clients are protected. Reyna has represented over 400 closings in the last 9 years and is an amazing asset to our RE/MAX clients. When it comes to processing – Reyna is amazing.
We as professionals have over 30 years combined “Mexican” Real Estate experience, serving buyers and sellers – we understand the importance of guiding our clients/sellers, based on “clients” goals to ensure the selling process is handled seamlessly.

Call us for more information so we can help you make the right decision – a good decision as my father says based on what matters most to you.

Here’s to your good life!
Branden MacKenzie
Proud RE/MAX Owner for 12 years
AZ Native / US Army Vet

D. Quick Links to Your Favorite Areas


Bella Sirena – Sonoran Spa – Sonoran Sea – Sonoran Sun – Sonoran Sky
Las Palmas – Casa Blanca – Las Palomas – Princesa – Las Gaviotas – Pinacate – Esmeralda
Puerta Privada – Encanto Living – Luna Blanca – Costa Diamante – Playa Dorada
Other Beach Areas
Las Conchas – Playa Encanto – Playa La Jolla – Mirador – Sandy Beach
Detailed Search – Automatic updates on new listings
Office US: 602-334-4359     Office MX: 638-383-1424
US Cell: 602-300-5214     MX Cell: 638-112-0363

E. Amazing Opportunities

Bella Sirena C101

Located in the beautiful beachfront resort of Bella Sirena this amazing 2 bedrooms 2 bath ground floor condo is now for sale. This is one of two end unit ground floor condos in the elevated C building. Huge 700 square foot patio, 1550 square feet livable, large open living area, in an LLC for lower closing cost. This condo is one of 4 condos in the main C building with easy access to the main common area. Call now – sold fully furnished this is one amazing condo. Listed at $394,900 / Click Here!

Las Palmas Baja 702 – Price Reduced!

Las Palmas beachfront resort in Rocky Point Mexico Baja 702. This one-bedroom penthouse is absolutely amazing with nothing but ocean views the moment you walk in the door. With a spacious living area, Las Palmas 1 bedrooms are unique being the master suite is located upfront giving you ocean views the moment you wake up not to mention your personal slider with access to the balcony. Fully furnished, front building, amazing views – the list goes on and on. All that is missing is you. Come view Baja 702 and see that the feeling you get when you walk in the door is greater than what you see online. Just the way it should be. Listed at $192,500 / Click Here!

Las Conchas Sec. 13 Lot. 2
This beautiful 3 bedrooms 3 bath beach home is now for sale. Amazing views from the living room, kitchen, and two ocean-facing bedrooms. There is also a great bunk room for the kids. Nice open layout with amazing wood beam ceiling finished off with a small brick dome. The huge patio is absolutely awesome with a fireplace, barbecue area, and margarita deck. This home is again located in Section 13 with a very sandy beach which many enjoy. The large two-car garage that is very deep with high ceilings. To top it off this home is unique being you have the paved drive up to the main level giving you the ability to park and walk right into amazing ocean views as opposed to taking stairs. All the things that matter, great views, great beach, awesome layout, big garage for toys, the title is in an LLC for lower closing cost. Listed at $309,000 / Click Here!

Sonoran Spa E 607
This beautiful 2 bedrooms 2 bathroom oceanfront condo E607 is now for sale. From the moment you walk in the door, this condo feels wonderfully different than the rest. Amazing floors, great calm neutral colors and of course nothing but ocean for your view. The title is held in a US LLC for low closing cost. It is one thing to enjoy the Spa from the amazing common area to the popular Sonoran Grill restaurant located on-site – its another thing to enjoy those amenities and have one of they if not they nicest condo at the Sonoran Spa. Fully furnished, never been rented but will rent amazing if that is a desire – possible short term financing, LLC…. the list goes on but nothing beats walking through this great condo. Listed at $274,900 / Click Here!

Las Palomas Commercial Lot. 19
Phenomenal ocean view parcel of land located right next to Las Palomas in between the popular Las Palomas links golf course. Great opportunity for a hotel, condo project and or homes. A developers dream with location, views, golf course, popular high traffic area being Sandy Beach. Over 17000 square meters of land in a prime location with enough space to create a vision developed into a reality. Listed at $1,000,000 / Click Here!

For all of my RE/MAX Exclusive Listings Click Here!

F. Best Services In Rocky Point


Coffee Point is one of the best places to get a nice hot or cold cup of coffee or tea! Their pastries are as delicious as their drinks, once you try a cup or pastry you will instantly be addicted to it.

Open all week from 6:30 am to 10:00 pm
Located right on Blvd. Benito Juárez

G. Sold Report

Great to of course see what is for sale but equally interesting to see what has sold.
Take a look and send me questions as every purchase has a story!

For the MLS Sold Report Click here!

H. Events of the Month

September 1
 – Labor Day Weekend @ Bullfrogs – All Day
September 1 – Mob vs. Ballot Box @ Manny´s – 12:00 pm – 3:00 pm
September 1 – Laguna Shores Labor Day Celebration – 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm
September 1 – Sunday Funday with Fuzzion @ Manny´s – 4:00 pm – 7:00 pm
September 1 – Electric Neon Party @ Tekila Bar – 8:30 pm
September 1 – Labor Day Weekend @ Ice House – 9:00 pm
September 1 – Labor Day Weekend @ Killer Beer – 9:00 pm
September 1, 2 – Capt´n Manuel´s Grand Opening – 11:00 am – 11:00 pm
September 2, 9, 16, 23, 30 – Horseshoes @ The American Legion – 1:00 pm
September 3, 5, 7, 10, 12, 14, 17, 19, 21, 24, 26, 28 – Bingo @ The American Legion – 2:00 pm
September 3, 10, 17, 24 – Nature Talks English – 2:00 pm
September 5, 12, 19, 26 – Gringo Bingo – 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm
September 6 – 1928 Dining Club Dinner – 8:00 pm
September 6, 13, 20, 27 – Theater Friday @ Kilombo Cafe – 8:00 pm – 9:00 pm
September 7, 14, 21, 28 – Nature Talks Spanish – 2:00 pm
September 7 – El Fantasma and Banda Renovacion – 7:00 pm
September 11 – Banter live @ Banditos – 11:00 am
September 13 – Tequila Pairing Dinner @ Infusion del Golfo – 7:00 pm – 11:00 pm
September 15 – Mexican Night @ Peñasco del Sol – 6:00 pm – 11:00 pm
September 15 – Carlos Cuevas The King of Boleros – 9:00 pm – 11:00 pm
September 19 – Virtual US Consular – 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm
September 28 – The High Vibes @ Tekila Bar – 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm
September 29 – The High Vibes @ Manny´s – 8:00 pm – 11:00 pm

For more information Click Here!

I. GRANT MACKENZIE JR. RE/MAX. Fine Properties Arizona
For all your Arizona Real Estate needs to contact Grant Mackenzie Jr – a great man you can trust will put your best interests first! I know – I am His Brother!!!

Grant N. MacKenzie
RE/MAX Fine Properties & RE/MAX Legacy

Client Testimonial.-

Mr. Branden McKenzie
Where do we start? We contact Branden through a reference from a friend of ours located in Puerto Penasco. From the first phone call, Branden took our inquiry into a vacation home/ retirement property seriously. We had a prior opportunity to fall through for many reasons which only made Branden’s job harder as we were skeptical regarding our ability to locate a property that fits all of our needs. We are the buyers that wanted it all. We wanted space, plenty but not too much. Luxurious and simple, something for just us and our large family. The list of requirements and wishes goes on for miles. As you can see we gave him what most would consider an impossible task. To add to the list we wanted an amazing deal as this was our dream to live beachfront and give our kids amazing memories. Not once did Branden flinch. We toured property after property, submitted multiple offers. His responsiveness was remarkable, his desire to find us everything we wanted was unwavering. What I will tell you about Branden is if you don’t want to hear the truth, if you don’t want to be questioned about your desires and where your priority lie, if you want to settle for mediocre, don’t use him. He will challenge you to think big, to go after all of your dreams. Branden found us our dream home. More than we ever could have asked for at a price we were so fortunate to get. It was his dedication and frankly hard work that got us here. In our family, we call it Grit. He did the work others wouldn’t do. To make it even more special, Branden showed up for closing in Phoenix to ensure all went well. One other ace in the sleeve he has is his wife who ensured all of the I’s were dotted and T’s were crossed. Even the sellers were impressed at the closing of their attention to detail to the last signature. We highly recommend Mr. Branden McKenzie and would be a pleasure to share our experience with any that asks. Sincerely and with gratitude.

Rick and Justina Cox

Hope you enjoy this monthly newsletter, thank you for letting me keep you posted on Rocky Point – if you or someone you know is interested in Rocky Point I am here to help!

It is a good life!

Branden MacKenzie 
Sales Associate
RE/MAX Legacy
Rocky Point Mexico


“Don’t stop when you’re tired, stop when you are Done”

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